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Market Timing the US Dollar: Falling Off the Ledge

How is the US dollar index (USDX) doing in the market timing realm? Not very well thank you.  Gold has broken out as have commodities and the US dollar broke the key 75.63 level I wrote about last week.  I … Continue reading

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AAII Survey of Investor Sentiment: This Sentiment Spread Stinks

4-09-2011: A Review of the AAII Survey ® of Individual Investor Sentiment. The AAII Survey showed a Bull-Bear spread of 14.7% this week with 43.59% Bulls and 28.85% Bears.  (You can review all the data here: AAII Homepage) So what does … Continue reading

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Gold and Gold ETF Update

Gold comments are posted here on the GLD Gold ETF: GLD Gold ETF Comments

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Market Timing the US Dollar: Hanging In There

How is the US dollar index doing in market timing terms? It is weak but still clinging to a ledge just above 75.63, which will be the critical break point if this rally is washed down the ravine into oblivion.  … Continue reading

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