I’m David Durand, and I began writing to investors and traders following the tech crash off the 2000 high, and was one of the world’s first financial bloggers when I began sharing my ideas in 2001 just as the market was breaking down (which saved readers a lot of heartache from the tech crash – see testimonials at my website – link below) and am currently the Author/Publisher of “The Market Timing Brief™.”  My bio can be read on the homepage link below.

David Durand

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Please remember how you trade and invest is your decision and you should seek professional investment guidance if needed.

Followers know I regularly share my percentage exposure to equity markets vs. my “usual maximum exposure”  at the social media links below.  Few writers share this information.  They prefer to make vague predictions without comments on position sizing.  Most do not even suggest the proper position size other than to say “this recommendation is speculative.”

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I share my current “percentage of usual maximum equity exposure,” so you can consider your own stock allocation in relationship to mine.  What the money is being used for makes a huge difference too.  If you have to pay for college for your children four years from now, a very significant downturn in the market before then could be destructive to those savings, so just holding until you need the cash may backfire.

Consider withdrawing some and going to cash or very short term bonds at certain levels of pullback or on bounces when the market is trending down. 

“Complete Safety” can be disappointing too.   If you were to withdraw ALL the college money now that you needed four years from now, and the market doubled from here in 1.5 years, you would likely be disappointed.  Going from an aggressive stock exposure to a moderate one may help you capture a share of the gains without as much risk.  Find the right balance that works for you.

After you sign up for Twitter and StockTwits (Click the links above; sometimes one system or the other is down. Realize you don’t have to tweet in order to read my tweets), you can read more about my approach here:  My Home Page and a lot more!


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