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Other Reports of Interest: Survey Says!  Lately I’ve been publishing my thoughts on Investor Sentiment on my weekly blog right below the SP500 Index Chart (look below the SP500 Index chart): AAII Investor Sentiment Survey Says!  AAII Survey Review 

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2 Responses to Publishing Schedule

  1. Nancy Robertson, Vancouver WA says:

    I just had to ad one more comment. I just noticed your beautiful header on your webiste. Many years ago my mother had a near-death experience. She described walking down a country lane with a wood rail fence bordering a lovely pastrue with cows in it. The sun was streaming through the trees. She came to the end of the lane and wanted to go through the gate into that peaceful pasture. However she was not permitted to do so. It was not her time. I see a figure walking down the lane in your picture; perhaps it is our friend Mark. He must have been warmly “welcomed in”. Enjoy the pasture Mark, I’ll bet you can grow a magnificient garden!!

    • Nancy – Interesting comparison. It also symbolizes the need for the individual investor to take complete responsibility for his/her investing decisions and to invest and trade without attachment or aversion. No fear, no greed. From there, we make our best decisions.

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