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Please feel free to comment about issues related to technical and/or fundamental investing and trading on this Blog Page. I will reserve the right to edit or remove any posts or links that are about politics, or are in any way offensive, inappropriate, or unrelated to the discussion and to do “housekeeping” if discussions have not been updated in a long time etc.

I will not always respond myself to your questions and cannot obviously be responsible for the accuracy and quality of the responses you may get from others. So use your own common sense and always make your own investment decisions with the help of a financial advisor if needed.

I cannot give you individual investment advice and you should not expect that from others either. Thank you for your understanding. It’s your money and your decision entirely as to how to invest it. Take 100% responsibility for your investments and/or trades and you will likely do VERY VERY well. It is the secret to investment and trading success.

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