SP500 Index Market Timing: Another Place to Sell

You have another possible place to sell today. We are back up at the resistance of the last high on the daily chart. We are JUST below the prior daily high. Now, if you firmly believe it’s “full steam ahead,” by all means maintain your long positions and sell only after a pullback of whatever percentage you choose by using a mental “trailing stop.” But if you believe this could be a good place to average out, take at least some “off the table.” Read yesterday’s post for further thoughts on selling strategies.

Could the market simply blast through this last high and leave all Bearish thoughts behind? Of course it could. So decide what you believe and ACT on it. (Acting on it, may mean doing nothing of course, but do “nothing” consciously!) And take 100% responsibility for your decisions, so you improve with every decision you make. Also, please read or re-read my webpage on going “passively short” here:

Passive Shorting™ Secret

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Standard Disclaimer: Remember, it’s your money and your decision as to how to invest it.

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