Market Timing by Investor Sentiment: The Fearful Ones are Running Again

Published 2-16-2011

There they go again. The clients of investment firms who ran from stocks as the market sank to its low in 2009 are now running from bonds (now that they’ve already substantially corrected) back to stocks. Their market timing sense is impeccable. Impeccably wrong. If you want to know how NOT to invest, pay attention to these people. They buy the NASDAQ after a 122% rise from the March 2009 low. They sell municipal bonds after they have crashed. They will be wrong again. You can be right by not acting as they do!

The old saying goes “Be fearful when most investors are greedy and be greedy when most investors are fearful.” That is plain foolish. Why would you take on the negative emotions of fear and greed? Why not simply say “Buy when most investors are fearful and sell when most investors are greedy”?

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Standard Disclaimer: Remember, it’s your money and your decision as to how to invest it.

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