Market Timing the US Dollar Index, Gold and Stocks: New Trend?

The dollar looks like it is starting a rally. Yesterday I tweeted via DavidBDurandMD on Twitter that I had gone long the US dollar.  Today I went short the Euro.  There are ETF’s you can use to do this if you believe as I do that the US dollar has gone down enough for now.

The US dollar hit a long term up trend line over the past couple days and has bounced from it. That bounce will take it further.  I cannot tell you if this will be a short trade or an intermediate term one, but either way it will pressure both stocks and gold (as well as other precious metals).

As for gold, the GLD gold ETF has failed a recent breakout above 139.54 and is moving down again. Given where the dollar is, the dollar rally is a strong reason to sell a failed breakout in gold.

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