Market Timing the SP500 Index Decline: A Place to Scale Out – Now

QUICK NOTE: You want to scale when investors are buying whenever possible in a down trend. Now if you disagree with me and believe we are not in a more substantial down trend this time, ignore this. But if you believe the down trend has not yet completed itself, then sell right about here. If you look at the 15 min chart on Yahoo or your favorite software, you’ll see that we came back up to the down trend line this morning. So it turned out to be better to sell this am than last night. It’s still a decent place to sell IF you believe the market has more work to do on the downside.

The move today is likely just a market timing bounce in a decline and that goes for the SP500 Index as well, but we won’t know right away.  You’ll want to check back here for further comments.   If you do any selling you will likely want to move out in scale rather than all at once.  You’ll have to decide what works for you.  Take a look at my free SP500Tracker™ newsletter. It will be out again this weekend (and you can catch up with this week’s copy today – link to it is sent to you by email) and again, it’s FREE, so please subscribe below if you are concerned about where the stock market may go from here:

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Standard Disclaimer: Remember, it’s your money and your decision as to how to invest it.

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