Mark Haines Will Be Missed

A word about Mark Haines’ (CNBC anchor) passing today.  You did not have to always agree with him to admire the natural and relaxed way he seemed to do his work.  When he got emotional, he had a point.  He brought his legal cross-examination ability to the table, clearly loved what he did, and brought some levity to a sometimes terrifically boring subject.  Rest in peace Mark. 

My medical training is in pathology.  From a medical standpoint, a death at home generally requires that the body be autopsied.  This is especially true in a case where there was no known acute illness.  If there were an obvious cause of death, the medical examiner would have announced it by now as a standard autopsy takes just a couple of hours generally.  Now if there is in fact no obvious cause of death, that does not mean there is any foul play etc. but further testing including toxicology would be required and that takes additional time.   So please be clear that the lack of any announcement may simply mean a normal investigation is being conducted.

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