Market Timing Brief™ for Bitcoin 2-20-2018: Headed Down in Channel on Arithmetic Chart.

A Market Timing Report based published Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

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Bitcoin broke above the prior wedge noted here on our last review and reached around 12,000 (11,718 on Coinbase). This is the old chart before the breakout to that 12K level:


Must keep going up through that top line or else…

But note that when I plotted bitcoin using an arithmetic chart vs. a log chart as above, the channel “being used” shows up!  Voila!  The decline represents a reversal of the prior breakout as well as a failure to penetrate the downward channel to the upside.  It is quite possible that bitcoin will now head to a brand new low, possibly at the base of the channel shown, which is as you see, below 5000.  That would be a shock to bitcoin holders without a doubt.  Risk manage your holdings as I’ve suggested HERE.


Perfect place to fail.

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